Matt Lazenby is an expert in helping complete beginners and people who think that the way back to a healthy happy fitter life is out of reach.

Matt has been training for 35 years and the longest serving student of his long time friend, coach and mentor Mike Pratt: accumulating over a 1000 hours of real time mentorship and coaching.

What makes Matt so successful with his clients is his unique empathy and understanding of how they think and feel due to his own background when it comes to wanting to make real and constant change.

You may find it difficult to believe looking at Matt’s achievements but Matt was the ultimate worst case scenario. He had poor biomechanics, was overweight, out of touch with his own physicality and had a closed mindset making it difficult for him to make the changes he so desperately craved. Luckily for him he had Mike in his corner!


Under Mike’s guidance and using the exact techniques we use at Built4Life he transformed his body and his mind. He competed as a bodybuilder and was photographed by internationally renowned physique photographer Chris Bailey in the best shape of his life as he approached 50 years of age.

Matt is a complete inspiration to those who think they can’t.

Matt established himself as the most successful trainer in Edinburgh, passionately sharing his experience and knowledge and working with hundreds of successful clients for 15 years before taking up his position here at Built4Life.

“I’m delighted to be here! It really is a dream job for me. I’d never have achieved any of the things I have – my physique or my business success – without Mike’s coaching and mentoring and I’ve been pushing him to produce an online coaching produce for years!”

Matt is now proudly the head of Training at the MP Academy and is Head Trainer for the Online Built4Life coaching services. Matt is solely responsible for client enrolment so if you want to join the limited Built for Life client group Book your call with Matt.



If you are serious about your health, Matthew Lazenby is a clear choice. His technical knowledge and application is second to none. Invest in someone who not only has the charisma and experience to educate you and help deliver your goals, but has the demonstrable life experience of developing his own physicality and psychology over years.

I initially booked Matt on the basis of his experience and depth of knowledge to help me understand how to maximise my training routine at the gym.  Within my first few training sessions with Matt it was evident that Matt (who has a huge personality and is lots of fun) was passionate and committed to what he did for a living providing each client with a personal fitness programme tailored to stretching them one step at a time .  I have indeed learned a significant amount and variety about maximising my workouts and a lot more besides including becoming more toned, healthier and fitter and I have continued to train with Matt over the course of the last year.  I now actually do enjoy going to the gym thanks to Matt.

Matt has been great for me both as a Personal Trainer and, due to his sound advice, life coach. I signed up for 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks as someone at an intermediate level. Before the sessions started I had a meeting with Matt where I gave him my fitness background and goals I wanted to achieve. Matt advised me well on what to focus on and gave me the confidence to go for it. He has improved my technique on all exercises to a very good level and has set me up with a programme which is varied and helps me meet my aim of building lean muscle. He has broadened my view on variables I can alter to maximise my workout – other than weight. This has helped my technique and concentration meaning I am getting as much as I can from ever rep. I would thoroughly recommend Matt as a PT for anyone no matter what goals they want to achieve – Matt will give you the confidence, belief and skills to make a big improvement to your fitness.

I have been dieting to lose weight for a while, but last November I realised it didn’t work for me. In addition, I didn’t have any muscles. I realised I needed to change. It was at this point that Matt started the first class and began to up my strength training and teach me better lifestyle to keep raising my confidence. This positive, uplifting session has been going three times a week for nearly six months now. In this half year, I eat more (even pizza, burger and chicken nugget), sleep more, have more physical strength to exercise everyday and also can better focus on my study. It must be said that I eat more freely than ever before, but my weight has dropped from 52kg to 43kg, thanks to Matt. Matt has always maintained his professionalism and planning. As the training content changed and the difficulty increased, I could clearly feel the improvement of my strength. at the same time, I has a better mental state due to changing my life style. Matt is not only a great personal trainer, but also a mentor on my way to life. All the time I spent training with Matt was encouraging and positive. He is the best trainer I have ever had. I cannot wait to recommend Matt to everyone.

I started out training on a bit of a whim. My confidence was at a low and I had found training on my own did not work appear to change my mentality. Matt has been first class in pushing me to train hard and my upper body strength has improved massively, alongside my confidence. The positive vibes from the sessions have kept me training twice weekly and I look forward to them each week. If you need extra motivation then Matt is certainly capable of bringing that to the table and I would highly recommend getting in touch with him. At the same time, he will also keep you right on a technical level.

I sought him out at a difficult time in my life and found his exuberance, passion and world-view refreshing and exhilarating. Matt is very skilled and knowledgeable and while he is instinctively warm and personable, he maintains a level of professionalism throughout that enables progression and an overall sense of satisfaction with the process. I would not hesitate to recommend Matt as a personal trainer to anyone who would like to learn to become fit and strong and do so safely and with confidence; but equally to anyone who is feeling a little vulnerable and would like to connect on a human level and submit to being “cheered up”!

I cannot emphasize enough just how good the results I achieved were. In my first block (12 weeks) of session, I lost 31lbs in total and had so much more energy.  I went from being a fat, unhappy dropout, to changing my outlook on life altogether. A few months later, I ended up going back to University a happier, skinnier and better person. Matt’s knowledge of nutrition and training is unsurpassed and was completely flexible around other commitments. More than just the trainer at the gym, Matt’s mindset alone helps you better yourself – he is maybe best described as a life coach. When considering the cost of a personal trainer such as Matt take into account  the fact that Matt brings a huge knowledge and experience base with him, and that the premium I paid was nothing compared to how the results made me feel!

Whats changed? So, so much. There’s the physical stuff – I am fitter, stronger, leaner and lighter. I don’t have a frozen shoulder anymore. I have huge amounts of energy. I have achieved my weight loss goal. I can navigate a gym. And there’s the non physical stuff. The really really important stuff. Within a few weeks of working with Matt the fog started to lift. After 26 years raising a family and working I was making time for me. Just me. To reflect, to think, to be in the moment and focuse on myself in a really positive way. To take stock and worko ut stuff in my head. And where was Matt in all this? Right by my sdie every step of the journey guiding, training, coaching encouraging, listening … holding the space for me. When you are in a session with Matt you know you are in the best hands. Meticulous. And now after 3 months of self discovery I am signing up again. Oh and we had some major laughs too!

Young and unfit – goodbye ‘lazy’ lifestyle. I have just completed a 9 week course with Matt. Personally, going to the gym has never been an ideal way to make use of my time, between not knowing what to do and how to do it. But after just this short time with Matt I can walk into any gym with confidence… I know what I’m doing, what machines I’m using and why. Matt set me up with a full diet and workout schedule specifically for my needs, including giving me his undivided attention 3 days per week. I am now off to uni having lost 27lb, more weight than I could have ever imagined. Matt helped me change my perspective – what’s really important to me? I have my confidence back and feel great!

I had ‘got stuck’ with my progress to lose weight, and no matter how many hours I spent at the gym every week (sometimes 6 hours!), nothing seemed to change anymore, and I was bored. After a 12 week block with Matt, I was delighted to learn I could train LESS and lose MORE – loads more! A food and exercise programme especially for me, that WORKS! Thanks so much Matt!

Matt is an excellent trainer who helped me lose over 2 stone last year in 12 weeks! I would not hesitate recommending Matt to anyone looking for a change in lifestyle!

After taking the plunge to join the gym Matt was recommended to me for personal training. I have loved every minute of it and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. What he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing…..if you need help and guidance in making changes to your fitness, health, lifestyle and mental attitude Matts your man!!! Thank you Matt!!!