Whether you want to work from
home or a gym it doesn’t matter.

Coach Mike Pratt has developed his Built4life online coaching service to specialise in complete beginners, people with limited training experience and anyone who feels lost and can’t see a way back to happiness and health. We only take on people that are serious about becoming the very best versions of themselves, physically and mentally, regardless how far off track their lives are.

The clients you see were all beginners when they started working with Mike. Some of them were real life worst case scenarios, over weight, depressed and with little hope of ever regaining control of their lives. They all thought it was impossible to become the people they are today: real life inspirations, regular (ordinary) people who have completely changed every aspect of their lives through the application of the Built4life pillars.

They now know how to train skilfully and with purpose. They can navigate the nutritional minefield instinctively with confidence and understanding. They have learnt new healthy patterns of behaviour that have become habitual. They conduct themselves with a positive and productive attitude in all aspects of their lives.

If you want to join our limited exclusive client group and start your journey on how to be Built For Life…

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